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Enjoy a City on the Sea onboard Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas

Past Passenger. Find Cruises. Advanced Search. Oops, something went wrong. Login Now Email. Authentication failed. Please check your credentials or sign up. Sign Up Forgot password? Keep me logged in. Signup Free Email Address. Re-Enter Password. Sign up failed. Log In. Save To:. Create a new cruise trip. It's unavoidable. Many ships have "adults only" sun deck areas available to those 18 and older 21 and older on Carnival , which is a good option for those who meet the age requirement and would prefer to avoid children.

Several other areas, such as the spa and bars, are often adults-only. This is a critical question. It's imperative that you find out the age requirements on any ship you are considering. Most cruise lines require that passengers be at least 21 years old to travel on their own without an older adult present.

Disney Cruise Line and Oceania Cruises allow those 18 and older to travel alone. In addition, Carnival Cruise Line requires that unmarried passengers younger than 21 each have another passenger at least 25 years old as their chaperone. Their bookings must be cross-referenced and documented properly. Other lines, including Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Holland America, lower the age of that in-cabin "chaperone" to Norwegian allows the older adult to stay in an adjacent cabin, and Holland America only requires one chaperone for every five passengers under If you have travelers under 21 and opt to bring a parent along, most lines will allow you to stay in an adjacent or adjoining cabin; Carnival will even let you stay anywhere on the same deck.

The bottom line: Be clear on the rules; they are percent nonnegotiable and you could forfeit your ticket and money spent if you try to board and don't meet the requirements.

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Most cruise lines, including Carnival, Princess, Disney and Royal Caribbean, require passengers to be 21 to consume alcohol onboard when you are departing from a U. Norwegian Cruise Line allows passengers who are 18 to 20 to consume alcohol in international waters, provided they are traveling with a parent or guardian. The parent must sign a consent form at the front desk. While in port, the drinking age throughout most of the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe is Don't think you can fool the onboard bartenders.

You'll be given a cruise card to make all onboard purchases no need for cash on the ship , and it will be flagged if you are underage, based on the legal documents you presented to sail. The cruise line reserves the right to disembark anyone who buys alcohol for minors or anyone caught underage drinking. While most cruise lines offer alcoholic beverage packages , which allow you to pay a daily fee and get unlimited drinks, they sometimes carry restrictions for cruises during spring break.

Norwegian, for example, allows passengers to purchase a drinks package between March 1 and April 15 on embarkation day only. Carnival and Royal Caribbean's programs do not carry these restrictions. Rest assured, you'll find no shortage of nightlife onboard. Whether you prefer a sports bar, martini bar or karaoke bar, chances are your ship has it -- and some other fun and funky theme bars as well.

Some Royal Caribbean ships have a Wipe Out Bar, where you can have a cocktail on deck while watching passengers take a header on the ship's surf simulators. Carnival has the RedFrog pub, a popular Caribbean-themed bar with a great selection of appetizers available for a fee, as well as its own craft beer and signature cocktails.

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In addition to bars and lounges, most ships have nightclubs that are hopping well after midnight, especially on spring break. Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival are great options for those looking to dance; their newer ships have elaborate clubs with insane light and sound systems, where celebrity scratch DJs host dance parties. Carnival's Punchliner's Comedy Club hosts multiple shows each night, and is one of the best of its kind at sea.

Most cruise lines offer evening entertainment as well, in the form of Broadway shows, musical revues and guest acts. Most cruise lines, including Carnival, Holland America, Norwegian and Princess, allow passengers 18 and older to gamble in their onboard casinos. Celebrity and Royal Caribbean have the same age policy except on Alaska cruises, when passengers must be There are no casinos onboard any of Disney's ships.

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If you are underage and win a jackpot, you won't be paid. Rules regarding smoking onboard have become more restrictive in recent years, but smoking policies still vary by cruise line. All prohibit smoking in cabins, and most including Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess don't allow it on balconies. Most ships have designated smoking areas on deck, and allow smoking in the casino.

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Cruise ships are notorious for having unreliable, slow and expensive internet service , a reputation which is not as well deserved as it used to be. While things are slowly improving -- with high-speed internet available on several of Royal Caribbean, Princess and Carnival's newest ships -- you won't necessarily find the same kind of consistent service you'd get at home or at a hotel. Plus, Wi-Fi isn't cheap. Some cruise lines, including Carnival, are experimenting with different packages that provide access tailored to your specific needs social media, texting, etc.

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Others -- such as Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean -- have their own apps that allow passengers free texting while onboard though you might have to pay to download the app or to access the texting option. You have several options for booking a cruise, including booking directly through an online travel seller, through the cruise line's website or over the phone with the cruise line.

While it's tempting to default to an online booking, you might want to consider a travel agent. Booking a cruise is not as straightforward as booking a hotel or airfare, and a travel agent can help you decide which ship or destination is best for you and your budget, get access to deals and group rates you might not find online and take care of details you might not have thought to consider.

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Better yet, they get paid commission by the cruise lines, so many typically do not charge you directly for their services. Regardless of which way you book, if you have any uncertainties or questions, it's always a good idea to pick up the phone. Both travel agents and cruise line reps are very helpful in answering specific questions about the ship: Which decks are the quietest?

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How obstructed is your obstructed view? What time do the bars close? For more information, Cruise Critic has everything you need to know on how to book a cruise. Regardless of where your cruise takes you, conducting yourself responsibly will minimize the risk of danger. These simple tips can help you avoid trouble and stay safe :. Keep a low profile.

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While in port, don't draw attention to yourself as a tourist, flash money around or cause a scene. Do leave valuables in your cabin or, better yet, at home , and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don't drink excessively.

While the temptation is there to have one too many, both onboard or ashore, getting drunk increases the chances of getting taken advantage of, robbed, lost or worse. Don't buy drugs in port.